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Enterprise-grade security that

protects your data flows

No-code is often synonymous with no security. That’s why Sembl was built with data protection at its core. Focus on what matters most with continuous threat monitoring, airtight access controls, encryption at rest, detailed audit logs, and more.

Follow a comprehensive audit trail.

Strike the perfect balance between compliance and innovation by maximizing visibility and maintaining full control of your data. Review system activity with detailed auditing and real-time data versioning.

Leverage intelligent threat monitoring.

Scan, detect, and assess malicious traffic. Operate with confidence by relying on enterprise-class security scanning and security validations. Sembl’s pre-built components integrate the latest data protection features.

Lean on stronger access controls.

Leverage fine-grained user access permissions across all roles and responsibilities. Protect and validate your data by blacklisting suspicious code. Minimize risk even further with intelligent approval workflows.

Keep your data safe, secure, and available.

Fulfill rigid information security and privacy standards while maintaining service availability with industry-standard encryptions, two-factor authentication, and intelligent threat monitoring. Sembl makes sure your data remains confidential both at rest and in transit.

Embrace low-code enterprise application development with Sembl.

Download our whitepaper to see how other leading organizations are accelerating app development with low-code solutions.

Guarantee a secure foundation for your next business app with Sembl.

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