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Build critical apps faster in a low-code environment

Capture the full value of tech with a low-code platform for building and integrating enterprise grade support apps.

Transformative business solutions. Zero effort.

Capture the full value of tech with a low-code platform designed to simplify the way you build, integrate, and optimize internal applications.

Sembl makes it easy for anyone in your company to build the apps you need, in hours—not months.

Workflows that work for you

Create internal tools that deliver meaningful outcomes.

Design, support, and launch internal tools without a single line of code. Set up fast and scale faster within an agile, collaborative, and fully-integrated environment.

Drive your business forward

Building complex custom software just got easier.

Harness innovation and propel growth by sailing past traditional enterprise app development obstacles.

Assemble the apps you need faster.

Engage business-led teams while releasing specialized engineers from less complex tasks. Save time, reduce costs, and focus on what matters most with Sembl.

Keep your data flowing.

Sembl’s open, extensible, and fully-integrated platform makes it easier than ever to manage your existing data sources, APIs, and third-party applications.

Sembl gives your teams everything they need to create and collaborate when it comes to internal application development.

Stay secure and compliant.

Collaborate effortlessly, build rapidly, and deploy with confidence by relying on permissioned data flows, built-in compliance, and granular access controls.

Low-code and easy to use.

Our low-code platform is designed to be usable by anyone. With Sembl, even your non-coding teams can actively contribute to the internal application development process.

Build faster with tested templates.

Hit the ground running with our growing repository of industry-specific templates. Our library of pre-built components makes it easy to deliver sophisticated functionality.

Innovate faster with low-code application development.

Low-code is transforming application development in all industries. Building internal tools no longer requires extensive programming knowledge thanks to low-code application development. With Sembl’s agile low-code application builder, you can:

  • Mobilize your non-coding teams 
  • Embrace collaborative application development
  • Boost employee retention
  • Simplify complex integrations
  • Reduce your development time by up to 90%
  • Stay focused on innovation
  • Streamline internal application development

What can you build with Sembl?

Build anything your business needs with Sembl’s simple drag and drop UI. Whether you’re building complex customer portals or a simple ticketing application, Sembl makes it easy.

Vacation Requests Portal

Feedback Forms

Feature Request Forms

Customer Support Portals

Organizational Applications

Return to Work App

Customer 360 Portal

Database Administration Portal

MongoDB Administration Portal

Mobile App Administration Portal

Analytics Applications

Ticketing Applications

Maximize your resources

Be business-ready from day one.

Reimagine custom software development with a no-code platform that eliminates talent constraints while leveraging your existing technology investments.

Build faster with tested templates.

Hit the ground running with our growing repository of industry-specific templates. sembl’s library of pre-built components makes it easier than ever to deliver sophisticated functionality.

Maintain detailed audit logs.

Track activity, monitor app performance, and stay compliant with a comprehensive admin suite, version control, fine-grained access controls, and audit logs.

Connect without the hassle.

Expedite the development process with bidirectional data flow that extends without limitation. Experience seamless real-time integrations.

Embrace low-code enterprise application
development with Sembl.

Download our whitepaper to see how other leading organizations are accelerating app development with low-code solutions.

Bring business
app development
down to earth.

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